Bridget Baker- Extra Soles, video still



VRT 2 launch


Very Real Time 2 took place in February and October 2006.

1) A series of published online forums and debates

2) Residency and artists' projects

The second stage of Very Real Time 2 was a 1-month residency, involving 7 artists from South Africa and abroad. This residency took place in September/October 2006. Like its predecessor, Very Real Time 2 favoured performative and socially engaged projects but unlike its predecessor, it aimed to engage a macro audience as well as one to one engagement. This was achieved though the development of projects which may have ephemeral aspects but also made use of online platforms of debate and dissemination, most notably the Artheat blog, developped by Robert Sloon (Chad Russouw).

Artists involved: Ed Young (SA), Jeanine Diego Medina and Conrad Tostado (Mexico), Jimmy Robert (FR), Sung Hwan Kim (Korea, US), Mieke van de Voort (NL).