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Love, sex and intimate relationships

20 february 2006

"Bridget Baker"  
Subject: Re: sunghwankim:first,father  
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:41:18 +0200  

I have a friend who left his girlfriend of 7 years because he bought a house. I remember at the time thinking that I would hopefully never do that to someone ... then I ended up going out with that same man, only to leave him a year and a half later after I bought property. Can you stand it?

Bridget Baker, born in East London in 1971, now based in Cape Town with no garden, no partner, no animals etc. Bridget is a concept artist and clothes stylist. hello!


jean meeran
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 12:50:32 +0200
Subject: sunghwankim:first,father

Howzit And a girl cousin of mine had a boyfriend who wanted to buy a house and set of househunting, so she promptly left him... He was was inviting her into his space-pod and was going to jet off into the wide unknown cosmos with her. That is a heavy thing to commit yourself to. Especially when your parner appears as an alien to you. Which they often do. And then if you buy your space-pod and don't want your alien partner to come with you, you have to dump them too. Maybe we should abandon the whole idea of buying space-pods, or we should all travel in our own mini space-pods in a fractured fleet and just wave to our alien partners.


"jimmy robert"
Subject: tests and failure
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:45:50 +0000

Dear Gregg,

I hope you are well! I have attemted 3 times now to contribute to the discussion with no success, here are pasted a few lines, I have ccreated a google account as specified, but when I tried to send an answer to the group: it said this adress wasn't valid, feeling slightly anxious and stressed since I am not working from home but call centers,please help!!!!

all the best


During the 80's Feminism and ideas around the objectification of the Black male body were juxtaposed, as in the concerns seemed to be the same, black men and in particular white western women were distinct minorities with 'similar' pleas; the mid-nineties saw, arguably, a backlash against Feminism, would this mean likewise that the arguments around the body of the black male have subsided? I guess that my questions or concrn revolve around the idea of desire which has a relation to love, sex and intimacy. Has the presence of HIV/AIDS diminished the idea/image of the black male as all powerful sexual beast? what is at stake within the tacit exchange, the power deal, the idea of fear, in the interplay of image and desire inside the apparently 'direct' male to male contract or female to male interaction? Social status, cultural context as well as language mediate those exchanges, MTV, advertising(?), and the sport figure as icon all play a role in the way we perceive, identify, conceptualize love, sex and intimacy. Can artists still coment pertinently on these issues, considering they use those very tools, such as desire, representation, images as modes of communication, and uncover the possibility of love, sex and intimacy and its meaning? Can we challenge/change things?

I am making any sense?