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26 february 2006


From: "Adam Leech"
Subject: Re: so far 3
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:18:53 +0100
To: social-engagement@googlegroups.com

another thing that i think about concerning enchantment is that it
can't easily be commodified.

and for some artist, finding a form that is not easily placed into the
reduced logic of production and consumption is important.

in other words - experiences outside a capitalist logic can manage to
generate and sustain new meanings - or what usually happens - is that
they are not recognized as meaningful because they are not in accord
with the capitalist structure...and disappear into the background...

the big exception to this is love...i think love is a form of
enchantment that, in its essence, resists capitalist logic. but
only in its essence. the rest of love is in accord with capitalism.

Happy Valentines Day