Sung Hwan Kim

During the month of October 2006, I was working with high school students (around age 15) at Frank Joubert Art Cenre, Cape Town, South Africa. Horror stories were told, and these stories become scenes through voice, music, re-enactment, drawing, clothes, and performance. Finally the students directed the filming of their stories. This was done making use of costumes which were made in collaboration with various local seemstresses.


Horror stories

I was fifteen. That is probably true, but it is difficult to say what it was like then. I was like this then. I was like that then. I remember this. I remember that. I felt like this then. I did not know this. I already knew that. I thought it was like that. I did not knowing anything about it. I was lying down in the dark with a couple of my friends. We told horror stories to each other. We only had to be in the dark. Lying down, our eyes faced toward the ceiling that was dark. Nothing was to be seen. We heard a familiar voice telling a horrible tale that probably was told more than once before. A fox with red eyes that reflect my eyes whenever I open them, a man without a leg asking me for another leg, a girl that gets cut into pieces and then eaten by her own mouth, mom who says she is not my mom, It was like that. Nothing else was necessary for us to be scared. I remember that I loved to be scared.




A specific university student marches in demonstration from one side. On the other side is, among others in uniform, a particular man in uniform with his shield and tear gas bomb. This bomb should be, as was instructed, pointed at 45 degrees or more from the horizon. This particular man in uniform accidentally points the bomb directly at the demonstration crowd. This gas-filled can flies parallel to the ground and pierces through the specific student's eye.



Nicholas Vries's story

There once was a house where a family lived: a man his wife and their child. Then one day, he went to a witch doctor for a love potion, but he got a potion that possessed him, and he killed his whole family including himself. Now, in that country it was known that when a whole family is murdered, the place of death will forever be haunted. So a couple of ghost enthusiasts went to the house and then one by one they died in freak accidents. Like, one of them woke up in the desert just to be shot by an arrow in both eyes. The next one died while he was sitting in traffic. All of a sudden his car started to crush up, and when he came to his senses, he crawled out of the car to find himself in an endless forest, and the car was gone and he died of severe bleeding. When the government heard of this, they condemned of the house and demolished it. But they did not know that by doing this, they spread the curse all over the world and that planet crumbled never to hear or to be seen again.


Kenan's Story

Old lady

She used to pray in a room like, a lot with a bible and Koran

She was happy man like praying with her hands and what not

Her grand daughter that

Grew up with her

Keeping on asking why are you praying

Why don't you watch TV with me or something

Watch MTV on the TV set

Grandmother smiled at her and went back to her room and pray

And the next day again

Grandma why are you doing these stuff

Why aren't you coming with me and watch channel 1 and channel 0

Third day

Grand mother just like smiling

Koran or bible

The grand daughter took it and she threw it out the window

Granny went out the door

Window was broken

When she came back with a koran

And the girl was in front of the tV

But her Grand daughter was not a girl anymore

She was like a rat

She was still watching MTV

But she was a rat





some people evolve so much

a strange evolution has happened

and people's clothes start to be attached

as part of your body

part of your skin

these are the clothes that cannot be detached.

so in order to change clothes,

you need plastic surgery

in order to cut off the links between

organic attachment of each clothes


your clothes are almost perfectly fit. They are on your skin.

slowly you start to get embarrassed about your clothes

but because they're just like your skin, you feel that they are private parts of your body, not to be exposed. You feel naked.

so you wear something over it

these are the clothes that could be detached.

and evolution happens again.

and then those clothes become part of your body again

and there are clothes on your skin that hurt if you cut them.