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Jeannine Diego Medina and Conrado Tostado (Mexico City)

What began for Jeannine Diego Medina and Conrado Tostado as research into the security systems in their quiet neighbourhood of Gardens, soon led to a series of encounters with youth groups, police, gangsters and gang mediators in the township of Guguletu.

A short video will be edited in Mexico City and released within the next few months.

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Many thanks to all of the Very Real Time 2 artists and to those who made it possible for us to see the comet (in order of appearance and not importance):

Gregg Smith, Mr. Mbyuiseli Deline, Mr. Leonard Ramatlakane, Mr. Bongi Dayimani, Mr. Justinn Lottring, “Bernard”, Mr. Martin Makasi, Senior Superintendent Darius van der Ross of the Guguletu Police Station, Reverend M.G. Molebatsi, Mr. Johannes Mushwana, Reverend Phiwe Daweti and all the members of his youth group, Intendent Nicholas Clive of the Guguletu Police Station, the Bambanani of the Guguletu Township, Ms. Yoliswa Matthews, Mr. John Cloethe, Mr. Owen Munro, Mr. Danny Brown, Mr. Nasius Mgada, Vice Principal of Fezeka High School, Ms. Nonzawakazi Mkunqwama, teacher at Fezeka High School, the students of Fezeka High School, members of the Americans gang, the Twenty-Sixes gang and the Twenty-Eights gang of Elsies River, and members of the Clarke Estates community.



As a child, Conrado Tostado loved to dress up as the Lone Ranger.

Jeannine Diego is a writer, translator and artist based in Mexico City. She is currently concluding a project titled Entresures, an effort of collaboration and exchange among Latin American writers, supported by the Ford Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the RAIN Artist Initiatives Network, and the Prince Claus Fund, among others.