1 1 April 2012, Table mountain, digital image.

2Untitled (Sutherland), digital image.

3Untitled (Sutherland), digital image.

6Untitled, digital image.

§30 April 2012, on a plane..., digital image.







Claire Harvey (UK, NL)

'The last few years i’ve mostly played songs on my own in my apartment to various plant life, which doesn’t really do much for musical confidence, especially when leaves start dropping off mid-song. So…i was very happy that Ludwig, (my Cape Town host / flatmate / new friend) was up for making music together. ‘Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues’ we recorded after having discovered a mutual appreciation for the musical greatness of Bob Dylan.

The first line of this particular song goes ‘When your lost in the rain in Juarez and it’s eastertime too’ On the day we recorded, it was raining…it was eastertime…I’m not sure if we were lost or not and we weren’t in Juarez but just the fact that its a great song was good enough reason to start playing it. We had already been talking about recording some music together and decided the best way to start was with a cover of a song we both love…and it was also just an experiment to see what our voices would sound like together…so we only did a couple of takes…first i played the guitar track then we each added a voice layer separately which is why it’s out of sync at times, and then Ludwig added the violin layer at the end…but then it stopped raining so we went outside.'

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